Problem with wear resistance, corrosion, mechanical strength ?

For nearly 50 years, Mourot Industries has proposed to its customers dedicated solutions to mechanical strength problems, corrosion or wear … by enhancing mechanical characteristics of their parts.

Be it through hard facing, thermal spray coating, or ceramics deposit, there is a solution to those problems.

Mourot industries is acting today in all demanding fields, such as energy, nuclear, oil and gas, defense, spatial, beverage and foods, trains …

Our customers are all over the world, obviously in France where our headquarter is based, but also China, Germany, UK, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Thailand. We support you, wherever you are.

Ours processes

  • Hard facing, either Cobalt, Nickel or Iron based
  • HVOF thermal spray
  • Plasma thermal spray
  • Thermochemical deposit of ceramics
  • Turning, milling, grinding, honing
  • 3D control

Main fields

  • Energy
  • Nuclear
  • Oil and das
  • Defense
  • Spatial
  • Beverage and food
  • Train

Our qualifications

  • EDF
  • Framatome
  • Airbus
  • RCCM
  • ISO 9001


MOUROT Industries exposed at Salon MIDEST

MOUROT Industries exposed at Salon MIDEST from the 6th  to the…