A special workshop patented by WALL COLMONOY Technologies is dedicated to thermochemical coating.

REVETOX is a chromium oxide very dense, very hard and corrosion resistant

Minimum hardness: 1800 HV – maximum: 2 000 HV

Applications :

  • Compressor rods and jackets
  • Waterproof seals
  • Cylinder rods
  • Pump inner elements
  • Shafts and body pumps
  • Mechanical seal cups
  • Pump piston
  • Rod and piston compressor
  • Extruder screw
  • Plunger piston for chemical and petrochemical industry

REVETOX is a ceramic coating process deposited via thermos chemical conversion highly wear and corrosion resistant. This patented process shows considerable advantages regarding ceramic sediments obtained by plasma projection and massive ceramic. REVETOX excellent friction properties are highlighted when used facing PTFE type mechanical seals, Teflon, graphite etc …