REVETOX: thermochemical coating , the original !

Revetox is a ceramic coating based on chromium oxyde, very dense, very hard, and insensitive to corrosion. It offers significant advantages when compared to ceramic coating obtained from thermal spray coating or massive ceramic.

It is deposited via air spray, or dipping, followed by a thermo-chemical process during which it acquires its extraordinary charactéristics.

First belonging to companies Ceraver, Leguellec and Wallcomonoy Technologies, it is now only proposed and applied by Mourot Industries.

Physical and chemical characteristics

  • Hardness 1800-2000 HV min
  • Porosity: 0
  • Friction coefficient: exceptional, especially in front of PTFE, Téflon, or graphite, not only.
  • high temperature resistance: up to 600°C continuously
  • Very low chemical activity: survive to acid or basic environment
  • Color: black-dark green

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Few examples of Revetox usage

  • Cylinder rods
  • Pumps internal elements,
  • Axles and pumps housings,
  • Metal trims,
  • Pump pistons,
  • Compressor pistons and axles,
  • Extrusion screws,
  • Plunger pistons for chemical and oil and gas industries…
Bagues avec Revetox
  • Sealing gaskets,
  • Aeronautical bushes
  • Sleeves

Few authorized publications of Revetox development

They use it as a sales argument

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